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Our Story

About Us


Our Story


Loving style Now is a small family business created by the CEO, James Watson of and Jat Holdings LLC. Therefore, Loving Style Now t/as Jat Holdings LLC which is based in Anchorage Alaska.

Our goal is to provide you with a great user experience when shopping on Loving Style Now.


Just a Snippet About James

I started in the corporate world several years ago as a Corporate Licensed Finance Broker. I was very keen on property development as well as property investment

This led to acquiring many blocks of land over a period and constructing dwellings. I thoroughly enjoyed observing each one of our building constructions, considering that it started with just a thought to fruition. Also, by combining the finance broking section with the building construction, allowed me to personally assist clients wanting to own their own home or property investment from start to finish. It is very satisfying being able to assist others achieve their goals and dreams, given the fact that I simply love challenges.

Challenges, what’s next?

I ventured into the world of personal development. Loved it! I sold the high-end products and became a perpetual student of personal development.

Along the way, I still found the time to write a book to help people wanting to start their own business. The title of the book is Happy Life Happy Entrepreneur! Subtitle: 7 Steps To Become Self-employed.

Next challenge: The exciting world of eCommerce.

Am I crazy to accept so many challenges? Probably.

I wanted to know everything about it, so I studied and added eCommerce to my portfolio. This led to Loving Style Now.

For many years, I have been a strong supporter of global charity.

I believe in “giving back” and helping those who are less fortunate

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have or perhaps a note telling me a little bit about yourself via our contact page

Enjoy Loving Style Now!

Best wishes


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